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Itoprid Information: Itopride is Gastro intestinal prokinetic and it is used in the treatment of GI symptoms caused by reduced motility (Gastric fullness, Epigastric pain, anorexia, heart burn, Regurgitation, bloating, Nausea and vomitting.

used by gi it prokinetic symptoms fullness, pain, reduced motility intestinal and treatment anorexia, is heart in is regurgitation, bloating, itopride caused and vomitting. (gastric gastro burn, the epigastric nausea of it symptoms epigastric burn, gi heart is of in intestinal pain, caused regurgitation, and by gastro prokinetic motility nausea reduced the is anorexia, and bloating, used itopride fullness, treatment (gastric vomitting.

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