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Tamiflu Information: is a medicine to treat flu (infection caused by influenza virus). It belongs to a group of medicines called neuraminidase inhibitors. These medications attack the influenza virus and prevent it from spreading inside your body.

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Q:How long is the whole process of ordering Tamiflu and shipping?
A:Once payment is received, we process and dispatch your order Tamiflu within 1-2 business days. Shipping time will depend on various factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc. Most often you will receive your Tamiflu within 2-13 days after ordering.

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Glimepiride is used along with diet and exercise to treat type-2 diabetes. It works by helping the pancreas to make more insulin while also making the body more sensitive to insulin. You should not use this drug if you are allergic to it or to other similar drugs called sulfonylureas (e.g. tolbutaminde, glyburide, gliclazide, chlorpropramide). This drug should not be used and will not work if you have type-1 diabetes. Before taking this medication, tell your doctor specifically if you have or have ever had: * kidney disease or lactic acidosis * an allergic reaction to sulfa-like drugs (e.g. Septra, sulfamethoxazole) - you may have an increased risk to an allergic reaction but overall, your risk is likely minimal * low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) * difficulty eating 2-3 meals per day * problems with the liver

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